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About Bendover Makeover and Spanking Therapy

Spanking Therapy utilizes an approach combining supportive counseling with a structured spanking plan designed to assist you in achieving your individual goals whether you are:
  • Seeking an open and understanding environment to talk about and explore your life-long thoughts and desires about spanking and discipline.
  • Seeking an ongoing disciplinary relationship with a caring and nurturing authority figure to work through behavior issues and receive support developing structure and self discipline.
  • Seeking a safe space to experience your spanking and disciplinary fantasies in a safe, comfortable environment free of the pressure of erotic entanglement or romantic relationships.

You may Contact Bendover Makeover and you will be provided with more detailed information related to location, sessions and fees as well as a contact phone number. In your correspondense please make an effort to explain why you want a session and what specifically you are interested in for your session. You will need to communicate to us the following; your likes and dislikes, how long have you had this interest, have you been spanked before, etc... Consider this your intro to Bendover Makeover.